An Update on Daughter Susan

It is time to get this column written and on its way. Although the mercury on the thermometer is already up to 79 degrees, a breeze is coming in the windows. Yesterday was different and much warmer, and there was less breeze with higher humidity.

Daughter Elizabeth and Tim and four children and daughter Loretta and Dustin were here for supper last night. Daughter Lovina made a taco supper for everyone. That is a nice meal on a hot day. Of course, with ice cream afterward. Elizabeth said when two-year-old Allison heard they were coming, she said, “I’m excited to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s.” Her blond hair and blue eyes have such a sparkle to them. She’s little but mighty, and nothing stops her from doing whatever her older siblings do. Tim’s double buggy, which we call a surrey, is being repaired so they brought their two-seated open wagon. As warm as it was, Allison saw her daddy (Tim) put on socks, so she thought she had to also wear socks.

Our family had a very nice time camping for three nights at a local campground. Lots more memories were made.

Sister Verena also went with our family to the campground. Our cabins had AC, so I think she enjoyed that on the hot days.

We all gathered at our cabin to have brunch together in the forenoon, then again for supper. Lots of s’mores were made later at night while sitting by the campfire.

Daughter Susan, 26, is dating a 28-year-old widower now. Ervin has three children and lost his wife Sarah to cancer three months before Mose died. Ervin and Susan have found comfort in each other, and both went through a lot of grief losing their first loves. Their friendship with each other seems to be strengthening. They both know how it is to be a single parent with children.

Ervin is a nice man and a good father to his children. Susan’s children and Ervin’s children blend well.

We have grown attached to his children Kaitlyn Rose, five; Isaiah Edward, four; and Curtis Dale, two. They are so sweet and easy to love. Kaitlyn and Isaiah both remember their mother. So when Ervin and Susan get together, they have two two-year-olds, two four-year-olds, and a five-year-old. Not a dull moment.

Mose and Sarah will never be forgotten, but we do know they will never come back. We do not always understand God’s ways, but we know his ways are not always our way.

I am glad to see Susan laugh again and live life. With God as their guide, I wish the couple his many blessings.

Susan has met Sarah’s family and appreciated the support they offered. This can’t be easy for the families of Mose and Sarah, but hopefully they can all accept the new partners they have and wish them a good future together.

Ervin lives in a community 45 minutes from here. He lives with his parents so his mother can take care of his children while he works. Ervin has plans to move to our community here in Michigan in the future.

With Ervin’s three children and our six grandchildren, there were a lot of little ones five and under at the campground.

If there are readers out there that have lost a partner and remarried, I am sure Susan and Ervin would enjoy hearing from you.

Susan wants to thank all of you readers for all the encouragement and gifts, money, etc., that have been a great help to her with no income since Mose died. You have no idea how this helped her be able to keep up the payments on her property and be able to stay living there.

Daughter Verena also helped move in with her and the children and was there when she needed support when night times became harder. Jennifer’s, four, biggest concern about Susan having a friend is that she wants Aunt Verena never to move away. She has grown so attached to Verena and shares a bedroom with her. She loves when Kaitlyn comes, though. God bless!

A reader requested a dandelion jelly recipe so that they have it for next spring. Here is one to try.

Dandelion Jelly
1 quart dandelion blossoms
1 quart water
1 package fruit pectin
1 teaspoon lemon extract
4 1/2 cups sugar

In the early morning, pick blossoms without stems attached. Boil blossoms in water for 3 minutes. Drain off 3 cups of liquid. Add fruit pectin, lemon extract, and sugar to the drained liquid. Boil for 3 minutes. Put in jars and seal according to guidelines provided by your local extension office.


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15 thoughts on “An Update on Daughter Susan”

  1. How wonderful for Susan. When will they marry? Is the wedding celebration different this time? How did they meet?
    Are they called stepfather, brother etc.? God bless them

  2. I’m so happy to hear this news about Susan. I hope her and the man she is seeing have a wonderful life together if they do marry. It might be they were brought together by the Lord to help each other through the sad experiences they both endured. It will be wonderful for both sets of children to have both a mother and a father together as well as the comfort of a spouse for both Susan and Ervin. It is wonderful for all of their former in-laws to be involved and approve. I will pray for their happiness.

  3. Such wonderful news about Susan and Ervin. I think readers would love to know how the couple met and what would a wedding be like since this is not a first marriage for either one if their journey leads to this. Would love to hear more about this new couple if they are comfortable with you sharing it with your readers, Lovina. It was so good to read that Susan was laughing again. I am keeping this special couple in my prayers along with all those kids. Thanks for sharing this happy news with us !

  4. I wish Susan to happy. I know how hard it is to lose a husband. We know God guide us. He is always with us.

  5. I know you will never be able to forget Mose, nor Sarah’s family their loved one, but I do hope this will be a new beginning for Susan. I’ve been very sad and shed tears for her loss. God bless this friendship and I hope it is the start of a new chapter for Susan. God bless you all

  6. I have also lost 2 spouses to cancer. But life does move on. Five years have passed and finally met a good Christian man. Who just was Diagnosed with cancer. But God has plans for our life. He never gives us more than we can handle. God Bless

  7. I have been praying for Susan since Mose died. Lately I have prayed for someone to come into her life to love again. wonderful news. My first husbamd died when we were married 49 yrs. and I never wanted to marry again, but God sent my teenage boyfriend back into my life and we’ve been married 9 years and are very happy together. God’s blessings to them and prayers for many years together

  8. I am so happy to hear that Susan and Ervin can find comfort in each other’s company. If and when Jennifer has a new sister in Kaitlyn, it may make it easier for Aunt Verena to gradually move back home.

  9. I am very happy to hear that Susan has a new friend, and I wish her and Erwin and their children all the very best as their friendship progresses.

  10. That sounds great for Susan!! Sounds like a great blend of children. Thanks for posting… I read your column every week in my newspaper!!

  11. I’m very happy Susan has met a friend, prayers this is a blessing to both of them.

  12. So happy that Susan has been blessed with a new friend. It’s so good to hear that she is laughing again. I have prayed for her and think of her often. It sounds like you all had a nice time camping. I love your column and it’s the highlight of my week. Love your cookbooks. Made your oatmeal cake this week. May the Lord bless your family.

  13. Camping in a cabin on a lake with lots of family is so much fun and enjoyable. Our family did this for many years when I was a child. We have since then but not as often.
    I am so glad to hear that Susan has found someone to share her life with. She is just way too young to spend the rest of her life alone with 2 children. Good luck to the blended family. I’m sure they will make it work

  14. I wish Susan much joy!
    My aunt was widowed when her first born son was only 3 weeks old, her husband died in an accidental fall down the stairs of their home. Three years later, she married a widower who had lost his wife to cancer. He had a little boy just a few months older than her boy. They were not able to have any more children together besides the two sons, but they are now married nearly 40 years and have 7 grandchildren. They are very happy and of course their first spouses are never forgotten.

  15. What wonderful news to hear about Susan and Ervin! It is also good news for the five little children who must feel peace in their hearts to hear the laughter and see the smiles of their parents once more! To see your daughter happier now is also quite a blessing for you too Lovina!

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