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Lovina and Family Camp Out to Celebrate a Special 50th Birthday

First of all, a happy 23rd birthday to daughter Loretta! We wish her many more years of happiness. The month of July is bringing us some hot weather. July 4 was a hot day as well. On July 3, our whole family—except son Benjamin—and sister Emma’s whole family and sister Verena all gathered at Emma’s house. … Continue Reading ››

Cherished Memories and Celebrations with Loved Ones

Daughter Lovina, 19, is making supper as I get caught up with some odd and end jobs. The menu includes fried eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, toast, butter, and fresh strawberry jam. A delicious breakfast for supper. The strawberry jam tastes so good. My friend Ruth brought us a dish of some she made. Daughter … Continue Reading ››

Lovina Explains the Process for Butchering Pigs

Today is granddaughter Andrea’s (Tim and Elizabeth’s) first birthday. Friday evening, we will go to Tim and Elizabeth’s for supper in honor of her birthday. She has the biggest eyes and the sweetest smile. Tim came tonight to pick up their lard press which we used last Saturday when we butchered pigs. He brought along grandson … Continue Reading ››

A Day in the Life with Lovina and Her Family

Diary of February 7th 4:00 a.m. The alarm rings, and it’s time to start another day. Dustin, Loretta, and Denzel, seven months, come over. Loretta and Denzel lay on the recliner to take a nap since it’s still so early. Dustin leaves for work. Loretta has another appointment with the doctor tomorrow. They want to see if … Continue Reading ››

Celebrating More Summer Birthdays & Anniversaries

On July 15 our family all gathered here for supper in honor of our 29th anniversary. (July 15 is also brother Albert’s 58th birthday.) A delicious supper was made on the grill, including banana poppers, wings, and chicken. Daughter Liz and Tim brought a nice, decorated cake. Abigail, 5, was so excited to give us … Continue Reading ››