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Lovina and Family Continue Canning as Autumn Approaches

Canning season is still in full swing around here. Yesterday after doing laundry, I helped daughter Loretta make Thick and Chunky Salsa (recipe below). We canned twenty pints for them. On Saturday I also helped her and Dustin can thirty quarts of V-8. She still wants to make pizza sauce. I came back home around … Continue Reading ››

August is time for cultivating cucumbers, time with family

August 15th—we are already halfway though August. Today is my oldest sibling’s birthday, sister Leah is 64. Happy birthday, dear sister, if you happen to read this. Although we are over a 100 miles apart my thoughts were with you this morning as you turn another year older. Leah was the oldest of eight children, … Continue Reading ››

Meals from Thoughtful Church Families Help the Eichers in a Busy Time

We have entered the month of August. We are having cool mornings after having hot and humid weather last week. We also had a few storms that took down trees and branches in the area. Son Benjamin mowed the grass last night and also cleared up a lot of branches from our yard. We have … Continue Reading ››

Lovina and Family Camp Out to Celebrate a Special 50th Birthday

First of all, a happy 23rd birthday to daughter Loretta! We wish her many more years of happiness. The month of July is bringing us some hot weather. July 4 was a hot day as well. On July 3, our whole family—except son Benjamin—and sister Emma’s whole family and sister Verena all gathered at Emma’s house. … Continue Reading ››

Lovina and Family Take a Trip to the Orchard

Last week we went to the orchard to pick grapes. All the households in our family went along, and our driver pulled an enclosed trailer so we could all get our grapes home. We take along 5-gallon buckets, and that is counted as a half-bushel. Some picked Niagara grapes, which make a light-colored juice. I … Continue Reading ››

Lovina Remembers Baby Marilyn

Thirteen years ago today—September 14—sister Emma and Jacob were blessed with a daughter Marilyn. She died eight and a half months later, leaving heartbroken parents and siblings. We were so close to her—how hard it was to go tell Jacob and Emma’s children and my own in school that day that their little sister/cousin had … Continue Reading ››