Medical concerns mount for Eicher family

A brand new year is before us. What does it hold for us? It is so good we don’t know our future.

Saturday we decided to wash our laundry and also daughter Susan’s. We have a heated basement with lines in it so it’s nice to dry clothes in these cold winter months. We weren’t started too long when my husband Joe came to tell me we had a call from sister Verena to ask if I could come right away to help with sister Susan. Sons Benjamin and Joseph went with me. Sisters Verena and Susan live just down the road from us. When we got there, Verena said Susan was having bad stomach pains. This had been bothering her quite some time already, but it was very bad to the point she could hardly walk. I asked her if it was okay if I called the ambulance to take her in to get help. She said it would cost too much but I told her that her life was worth far more than any amount of money. Susan was rushed to the hospital. Sister Verena and I went up with an Amish driver, following the ambulance. The doctors soon decided that she needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital over an hour away. Verena was able to sit with her until the ambulance came to transfer her. I was so glad one of the nurses let me go in to say a few words to her. A COVID test was performed, which was negative. They told Verena if the test is negative she can sit with Susan. Sister Verena was told only she can visit Susan each day from noon to 8 p.m. Since it was after 8 by the time she was transferred, Verena and I came back home. Daughter Lovina, 16, went home with Verena for the night. Our daughter Verena was still staying with daughter Susan and children. Makes our house seem empty.

On Sunday sister Emma and Jacob went to the hospital with sister Verena so she could visit with Susan. Jacob and Emma couldn’t go in the hospital, so they had a long wait until Verena came out again.

They performed a CT scan and MRI, among other tests. Doctors said she was bleeding in her abdomen and suspected a tumor or a possible small aneurysm, but they said she was losing a lot of blood and had to give her blood.

Around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night, daughters Lovina and Verena were staying with sister Verena (daughter Susan and children stayed with us) when the doctor called to tell Verena to bring the family up as Susan is on life support and losing out fast. All my siblings and sister-in-law Nancy were contacted and rushed to the hospital. The six siblings were all allowed to go in to Susan. We talked and prayed with her, but she was sedated. It was still comforting to hold her hand and tell her we love her. The doctors told us to stay in the waiting room during the surgery (to try to stop the bleeding). They didn’t think she might survive the surgery. It was comforting for all of the siblings to be together. Daughter Verena and a few of the nephews were also along. We prayed, visited, and cried together, not knowing what we would find out. The doctor came out to let us know the surgery was over and she would have one again in a few days to take out the packs they put in her to stop the bleeding. The siblings all got to go see her for a few minutes and then we were told to go back home. The visiting went back to only sister Verena from noon to 8 p.m. each day. It was 7 a.m. when we arrived back home.

Today (Tuesday) they had surgery again and were able to stop the bleeding. The life support is still on her. Sister Verena goes to sit by her bed each day as is allowed. Then daughters Lovina and Verena take turns staying with sister Verena for the night. The other one stays with daughter Susan and children.

Daughters Elizabeth and Lovina and I assisted sister Emma in cleaning today as church services are set to be there Sunday, Lord willing! Thank you for all the prayers during this past month. God bless!

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1 cup water (or more)

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  1. Praying Praying Susan Gets Better! I Love Reading Your Post On Fridays. God Bless You & Your Whole Family! Praying That You All Start Having A More Peaceful Better Year. God Bless You All! Again I Thank You For All Your Time & Post! You Are A Lovely Family! Jill Oosterhof!

  2. Lovina I am so sorry for the crises you have been living through. You are all in my prayers.

  3. Sorry Lovina that you have to go through such a hard journey. Goodness when it rains it pours. Jesus is right there beside you. And He is right there with Susan taking care of her. Life is so fragile. Never know when it’s us. God Bless You All. Praying for you

    1. Prayers for this family today. My Prayer is for a complete healing for her. God grant peace to this family. In Jesus name.

  4. Praying for Susan and the kids. Along with all your other family members. My family is blessed to be apart of your family’s life. It’s just sad we had to meet her on terrible Circumstances. My mom (Lisa) and I went and visit Susan last week. It was my first time meeting the babies! They are so adorable!

  5. I am so sorry to read this. I will be keeping your family in my prayers. God has certainly tested this family lately, but after reading the columns for many years I feel their faith is strong enough to guide them on this difficult journey.

  6. So sorry that your family is going through so much pain and sorrow. Praying for your sister as she is in God’s hands. Still praying for your daughter Susan and all of your family. So much heartache in this old world. May God bless you all ?

  7. Goodness, this has been a rough time for you all!

    We will be praying for your sister and for all of you. God knows all and He will be bringing you comfort, healing and sustaining you through all these trials.

    I am so glad you all can be together and that you have each other for support during these trying times. Many are not so fortunate.


  8. Praying for Susan and her children. Also, for all the family. So very sad that this is happening.

  9. We are sending all of prayers & thoughts for your family. We so enjoy reading your daily routines & receipes . It has brought us so many family stories to share as we all grew up in a very small town, Pop. 286.

    Lots of Caring,

    Mother-Ardis Daughters -Sheila, Mary, Anita

  10. Dear Lovina,
    May God Bless you all, and know that we are all praying for you and your sister, especially to be healed. I can’t imagine what you all are going through, but so glad you have a wonderful big family to lean on. Take care,
    In Christian Love,

  11. Dear Lovina,
    I am sorry for the trials that your family is facing. I am praying for Sister Susan’s healing and a continued abundance of God’s peace and comfort as you walk through this journey.

  12. Praying for the peace of God to be with all of you! He loves His followers and will never leave them . He will hold you in the palm of His hand as you travel this journey together.

  13. My prayers are going up for your sister and your family. I know you can feel the comfort of God’s people lifting you up. Whatever the outcome God is in control.

  14. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I ask Our Lord to hold Susan close and heal her body. God Bless You All!

  15. Dear Lovina,
    I am so very sorry for the suffering your family is going through. I pray your sister gets better. She is in the Lord’s hands. It is a comfort that you have your family around for support and your church family. I am also praying for your daughter Susan. We never know why these things happen we just have to have faith and trust the Lord. We will keep praying for you all.

  16. Oh goodness. The past few posts were difficult to read, and nearly impossible to write I am sure. I don’t know you, but I enjoy reading your columns. Sending positivity and prayers your way.

  17. So so sorry for all your problems. I will keep you in prayer. I know your faith is so strong.

  18. I was so concerned when I heard Susan was rushed to the hospital. It made me think of myself in 1963 when it happened to me. It was a tubal pregnacy and had burst, I lost a lot of blood and was on the critical list.

    I pray Susan will survive for her little ones, I am praying for her and all your family for the lose of your son-in-law and now this. I am 85 and was able to raise my 3 boys which I thank God for, but it could have gone the other way.
    May the Lord bless you all and watch over and carry Susan to come back home to her little ones. It is up to Him and we should not question

    God’s Blessing in Christ Jesus
    Carol McClure

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks very much for your comment and sharing your story. We wanted to offer one small clarification. The Susan that is in the hospital is Lovina’s sister. It can be confusing since many of Lovina’s children are named for other family members. Thanks again for your kind words.

  19. So sorry for the pain and anguish the family is enduring. God will hold her safely in His hands until she is strong enough to rejoin the family. God bless you all..

  20. Continuing to pray for your sister, your daughter and all your family as you deal with yet another test. 2021 is certainly starting out like 2020’s evil twin. Love and Faith will overcome all. Keep your readers updated as time permits. Holding you all close in my heart.

  21. I just joined this Amish group on fb and read your compassionate and difficult words about Susan. I pray for others by name every morning and I will remember to pray for Susan and her family. God bless and may Jesus, the Divine Physician reach out and touch her…..Love and prayers, Patricia

  22. Dear Lovina, It’s very hard to find the words to express our sorrow towards your family. May the Lord God Bless you and your family.

  23. Dear Lovina, It’s very hard to find the words to express our sorrow towards your family. May the Lord God Bless you and your family.

  24. Dear Lovina, It’s very hard to find the words to express our sorrow towards your family. May the Lord God Bless you and your family.

  25. Dear Lovina, It’s very hard to find the words to express our sorrow towards your family. May the Lord God Bless you and your family.

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