Preparing and enjoying a bounty of beef

It is a very beautiful day outside with the sun shining so brightly. The sun is welcome anytime and is much appreciated for our solar system. With gas prices so high, we don’t like to use the generator more than necessary. We run a generator to charge up our battery packs when the sun doesn’t shine for too many days in a row. Our solar power runs two freezers, and water and some lights in our pole barn. On days we wash laundry it takes more power. Also, with everyone showering and pumping water to the horses each day, it takes quite a bit.

We are all finished with our beef now. What a relief! On Friday evening we cut up all four quarters of beef. The steaks were cut out, beef chunks cut up, etc., then the rest was ready to grind for hamburger. On Saturday the hamburger was ground and the steaks, T-bones, etc., sliced. Most of the meat was vacuum sealed on Saturday. Some of the hamburger we waited to package until Monday. The meat filled our freezers, and Dustin and Loretta took their half home to put in their freezer.

These jars of canned beef were recently prepared by Lovina and family. Photo provided.

On Monday, daughter Loretta and I canned some hamburger and beef chunks. Son Joseph didn’t have to work because of the weather, so we were glad for his help to vacuum seal the hamburger and pack it in the freezers.

On Monday while we were packaging, Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty stopped in to say hi. They had brought sister Verena home. She had spent a week out in Berne, Indiana, with sister Liz and Levi. Most of the winter Verena had been staying with us or sister Emma.

Saturday, we plan to go help daughters Susan and Verena cut up two quarters of beef to put in their freezer.

Next on the agenda is to start doing some spring cleaning. Lord willing, we will host church services in May.

We have been enjoying rare beef, as we call it, since we butchered our beef. We slice the tenderest steaks very thin and put salt and pepper on both sides then swirl it in hot oil once and flip it over and swirl one again and it’s done. It is very good and our family loves it.

Saturday morning, I made fried eggs and potatoes with some fresh bacon (from our recent pork butchering). Then I also had to fry up the cow brains for Joe and some of our children that like them.

Sunday evening, our whole family was here for supper. Baby Andrea gets plenty of attention. She is such a sweetie, just like all my grandchildren are. All you Grandmas out there know the precious feeling of grandchildren, I’m sure.

For those readers that always say they like to hear our menus, I’ll share what I made Sunday night with the help of my daughters. We had mashed potatoes, beef gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans, grilled T-bones and steak, sliced Colby cheese, cookies, and ice cream. The menfolk grilled the meat.

I still have paper plates left over from my trip to Sam’s Club before Dustin and Loretta’s wedding. On nights when the whole family is here, it makes it easier to use those and do less dish washing. It gives us more time to just visit. It is such a blessing to be able to work together as a family and get food stored for another year. God is good, and may His many blessings reach across the miles to all of you!

I am going to share my sister Susan’s recipe she wrote of beef and gravy when I told her how to make it. She wanted to write it down years ago so she would remember it. RIP Susan.

Beef and Gravy
4 heaping tablespoons flour
1 pint canned beef chunks
1 medium onion
Potato water (saved from cooking potatoes)

Put 4 heaping tablespoons flour in a pan and brown flour until it’s dark. Let flour cool. In a 3 1/2-quart kettle, empty 1 pint of beef and put in 2 pints of water and 1 whole onion. When it starts to boil, take out beef and put in potato water. If you don’t have potato water, then use water. Add extra water as needed. Mix the cooled flour and water to make a thickening until it is just a little watery. Then mix the beef and thickening in the kettle until it boils again. Remove the onion before serving.


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