Overnight, a new foal born without help

Ginger and her new foal.

Overnight, a new foal born without help; name ideas?

It’s Thursday morning around 6:30 a.m. Son Kevin, 12, is waiting on the bus to pick him up for school.

We had a few thunderstorms during the night. Loud enough to keep us awake a lot so I feel tired yet. I’m letting the ones that don’t have to go to work sleep in a little longer.

Last night Mose and daughter Susan and baby Jennifer were here for supper. We had a severe thunderstorm right before they wanted to leave for home. I am wondering if there could have been a tornado with it but maybe it was just the strong winds that did so much damage in this area. It flattened our neighbor’s barn and tore some of their house roof off. It downed trees and power lines. It tore the soffit from our porch ceiling off, took big branches off our trees, threw around a lot of things outside. We felt fortunate to not have anything major happen here. The hail that was hitting our windows sounded pretty big. It was one thunderstorm after another going through so Mose and Susan decided not to try taking the buggy home. Lots of roads were blocked off from fallen trees.

It was cute to see little Jennifer sleeping so soundly this morning when my husband Joe, and Mose were leaving for work. She had her hands stretched over her head. Jennifer has to wear mittens on her hands as she scratches her face with her fingernails. We have tried to clip her nails down but she still ends up with a scratch on her face. She doesn’t seem to mind the mittens.

Daughter Elizabeth and Abigail are coming today. She has a friend bringing them. I am glad she isn’t bringing the horse and buggy. We are having another thunderstorm right now. Kevin is on the bus and on his way to school. I decided to get this written before I wake up the rest. It seems to go faster that way—less noise around.

I went to the doctor on Monday after feeling sick all weekend. He said I have bronchitis and gave me several antibiotics to take. I feel so much better! I now wish I would have went in sooner. I didn’t cook any meals on Sunday. My husband Joe made dinner on the grill for everyone. He grilled chicken and potatoes. I sat on my recliner most of the day wrapped in blankets.

Following Mom.

Monday morning our horse Ginger had a little foal. When I looked out in the pasture field after daylight, I saw the little foal running beside its mother. The little ones always look so cute how they run and hop around the field. We haven’t decided on what to name this filly yet but she is a lot lighter in color than her sister Midnight is.

Horses always take good photos, don’t they?

Ginger gave birth to our horse Midnight three years ago on June 1. Midnight is what Joe and I drive leading our buggy. The other foal that year was Beauty and she was three years old on May 1. We gave Beauty to son Benjamin for his birthday. Ginger’s filly she had now will probably end up Joseph’s birthday gift in a few years when she is ready to drive.

Daughter Loretta was also excited when her special friend Dustin gave her a Tennessee Walker horse that is trained for riding. The horse’s name is Diamond. One horse we had for many years was named Diamond. We miss not having Diamond anymore. Loretta’s Diamond is a mare though. The horse is a smooth-gaited horse. Loretta has never ridden a horse before but is looking forward to learning. Dustin is a great friend to her and has done so much for her.

I hope to see some of you readers at my book signing in Warsaw, Indiana, on Saturday. Plans are to bring all my daughters and granddaughters with me.

This is the way we like to fix morel mushrooms that can be found in the wild around here.

God’s blessing to all!

Morel Mushrooms

1 egg
1 cup milk
1 cup flour

Cut mushrooms in half lengthwise. Soak morel mushrooms in salt water for an hour or more to kill insects. Use 3 tablespoons of salt per gallon of water.

In a small bowl, beat egg; add milk. In a separate small bowl place flour for breading. Start with 1/2 cup and add as needed. Melt butter in frying skillet. Start with 1 tablespoon and add as needed. Put mushrooms into egg and milk mixture, then dip into flour. Shake off excess flour and fry in butter. Sprinkle each side with salt when frying. Fry until golden brown.


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14 thoughts on “Overnight, a new foal born without help”

  1. Hi Lovina thank you for the beautiful pictures of the new foal. I was thinking saying you seen the foal first thing in the morning Dawn may be a good name.
    Wishing you and your family God’s richest blessings

    1. Dawn is beautifully appropriate of course! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Sorry for the wind destruction at Lovina’s home! Thankful it wasn’t worse! Enjoy her writings so much!
    What a pleasure it is to have one’s kids and grand kids stay the night….to know that your family is under your roof!
    AND…What a delightful surprise to have a newborn foal arrive! We had a Tennessee Walker mare years ago, that gave birth to 4 foals for us, over the years! They are so cute, and so entertaining!
    Glad to hear that the family now has a Tennessee Walker! Ours were such fine horses and gave a smooth ride like NO others can! Once you have a TWH to ride, no others can compare! No other horse has their natural running walk and it is so smooth…nothing like bouncing around on a trotter! lol Blessings to Lovina and her family .

    1. Interesting comments about Tennessee Walkers! What an endorsement. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Blessings back, on behalf of Lovina and family!

  3. Happy you didn’t receive a lot of damage from the storm. I would like to offer the name of “Cinnamon” for the new foal.

    Thank you, Susan

    1. That’s a very sweet (and tasty!) name. Thanks for checking in here!

  4. enjoyed seeing such lovely pictures of the new foal. I offer the name
    Spice for the new foal. Many blessings ~

  5. If you don’t mind would you please pray for me. Please also pray for my marriage. I will also be praying for you. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Our staff at MennoMedia will pray for you in our morning prayer time. Our hearts go out to you. Thanks for commenting and God bless and guide.

  6. The foal should be called Wendy
    Because of the night to was born.

    1. Great name ideas here! More than they can use but all comments and ideas are appreciated! (On behalf of Lovina & family.)

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