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Lovina and Family Enjoy a Fall Day Together

Today grandson Byron (son of daughter Loretta and Dustin) is 3 months old. He weighs 10 pounds, 12 ounces now. He’s a sweet little smiley baby. He’s cooing and an active little boy. Denzel loves his little brother but sometimes looks annoyed to have to share everyone with Byron. He likes to give Byron something … Continue Reading ››

Lovina’s Children Wish Her a Happy Birthday!

To mark Lovina’s 52nd birthday on May 22, each of her children have contributed these short reflections in her honor. We’re sharing the first half of them today, and will share the second half next week. Elizabeth, 28 There are many stories I could write about my mom. I’ll try to keep it short. As a school-age child, … Continue Reading ››

Daughter Susan and Ervin Get Married

I am Lovina’s “English” friend Ruth, and I had the opportunity to help Lovina the week of Susan and Ervin’s wedding by taking photos of the wedding prep, running a few last-minute errands, and also attending the wedding on Friday, December 30. Typically, Amish weddings are held in the shed (pole barn) of the bride’s … Continue Reading ››

Helping the Newlyweds and Enjoying Family Time

The temperature is staying in the low 60’s today. Leaves are falling and it’s a typical fall day. Yesterday the mercury almost reached 80 degrees, and it was a lovely day with the laundry drying very well. I’m frying chicken for our supper tonight. Daughter Lovina is washing potatoes for steamed potatoes as well. Dustin and … Continue Reading ››